Saturday, March 5, 2011

Threes: Cabinets edition

Could it be possible that I love Swedish design more than anyone else in the whole wide world? Perhaps I should change the title of my blog to 'Kelly loves Swedish stuff'. I was just checking out A2 designers...yep, I have blogged about them twice before (see my post about the little cabinet they make that inspired my blog header here and a post about their super stripey dresser here) but I just have to show you more.

I la la love their new Collect 2011 cabinet. Here it is in white (it also comes in pink, yellow, and blue!):

How very cool it is. You may find this interesting (or perhaps lame) but I wanted to make a quilt in this same pinwheel pattern they have going on here. I wish it also came in a mod little t.v. stand version. I can imagine that would be very groovy indeed.

This is the Collect 2010 cabinet which is a little less bold but I also love the texture of the pattern on the doors:

Not crazy enough for you? Then maybe this No. 24 cabinet is up your alley:

Shazam! Now that is graphic.

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