Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A beautiful nursery

This weekend we were visiting some very special people and I just had to show you some pictures of the nursery of a beautiful baby boy. When you see this nursery, you won't be surprised to learn that the SuperMom of this SuperKid is a super creative and talented person. She has such awesome style and it shows in this pretty, calm, and cheerful room. I'm sure SuperDad also contributed in lots of ways because he has great style of his own (I will one day have to show you his awesome basement setup)!

Here's a view of SuperKid's room from the upstairs landing:

It just looks so fresh when you catch a glance as you come up the stairs! I just love the colour scheme. Here's the change table with darling little shelves hanging above displaying some books and other sweet little things:

How adorable are the paper cloud cut-outs on the sloped ceiling? And that leaf! So great:

I love that red chair and insisted it be in the photo shoot! And look at this cozy little space:

Remember how I mentioned that SuperMom is super creative and talented? Well, if you doubted me for even a moment, here's a close-up of the art (hanging in the above picture) that she painted:

She painted a picture of SuperDad as a little kid. So cute! And the other one is her as a little kid:

SuperMom even drew in their current little dog because she's such a special part of the family. How fantastic to have such personal art.

SuperKid is a very lucky little boy. He couldn't ask for a better room and he has the most extraordinary parents too. Thank you SuperMom and SuperDad for letting us stay with you. We miss you and your SuperKid so much already!


  1. Thanks for the Post Kelly!

    Its always exciting being mentioned in your blog posts. We are glad you like our room/home. We were so happy to have you visit so close to SuperKids birth. We loved sharing the weekend with you guys, miss you as well.


  2. Aww SuperDad! You are super you know!

  3. Thanks for all the kinds words... We felt super blessed to have such super family that we love spending time with!!
    Looking forward to doing it again soon!!

  4. wow, this looks amazing!!! It really makes me want to get out the paint and get creative!