Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chairs for the living room

I feel that we seriously need more seating in our living room. In order to have more seating, we need to move our t.v. which is currently in front of the window. Our plan is to mount it on the wall where we currently have a low shelving unit with a mirror hanging above.

What I want to have is two chairs in front of the window, specifically these chairs:

The white chairs are from IKEA (wooooo IKEA!). They're called the IKEA STOCKHOLM easy chair (in Rostanga white). I like the white fabric covers the most but you can get other colours too. They come off to clean so I think we could do white for now. I love the wooden frame on these chairs...modern and traditional all in one.

The fake cushions are that great IKEA fabric (GRONSKA BLOM) that I posted about recently.

The end table is from Urban Barn (the Cross Square Lamp Table). I wouldn't do a glass coffee table (too much maintenance for me) but I like this end table. I must go see it in person. On top of the end table, I placed the bowl we already have sitting on our coffee table (IKEA STOCKHOLM stainless steel bowl). And just so you know, a new coffee table is also a future plan!


  1. great idea love the chairs Jo

  2. Yay Jo! I'm so glad you are able to comment now! I'm glad you like the chairs. I also like them very much and also really like the idea of a trip to IKEA too! I'm shooting for June!!!