Sunday, May 15, 2011

New tv stand

We don't have a new tv stand yet but we are going to need one when we move our tv. We're actually going to mount the tv on the wall but we still need a stand for the cable box and PS3 (and the eventual record player...woo!). The stand we currently have is too deep for where it will be moved. Now you likely won't be surprised to hear that I want to purchase a tv stand from IKEA (I heart you Scandinavian design), so here's one of the contenders that I've been infatuated with recently:

Anyone surprised by this choice? It's certainly a change from the espresso furniture that I have in the living room right now. I showed it to Dave tonight and he didn't exactly have the nicest things to say about it. However, we will go to IKEA (soon!) and I will make sure he has a belly full of yummy IKEA food and then we will go look at it and I'll see if I can change his mind!

I'd like to lighten up the look in our living room. You already know about the white chair I'm planning to get (the IKEA STOCKHOLM easy chair):

I may only be getting one chair rather than two since I did a rough measurement and think two might be too much for the space (unless I don't have an end table). Anyways, I love the idea of the tv stand in wood to match the chair legs of this chair. I'm actually trying to be less matchy matchy overall and plan to go with a glass/chrome end table and just wait until you hear what I'm thinking for a coffee table. Not wood and not glass and I'm thinking some of you will think I'm a little off my rocker. I will have to save my pennies for a long time and keep my eyes peeled for exactly what I have in mind...until then I will leave you in suspense, I'm sure.

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