Monday, May 2, 2011


I bought new pillows over a month ago and haven't shown them off, so here's a pic:

I think they look a little brighter and a little more blue in this pic than normal (thanks to that beam of sunshine!).

I bought them at Pier 1 Imports sort of impulsively. Okay, here's what happened: I walked into the store, saw them immediately, touched them, thought "oooh I like these", and quickly picked them up in fear that someone else would try to swipe them out of my hands because they were the only two in that colour. I recall thinking I will just carry them around and think about whether I should get them or not. I was that worried. I then, very rationally, decided that I really like this colour, they are perhaps the softest pillows ever, and they go with my they shall be mine. The End.

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