Sunday, June 12, 2011

Start of garden pathways

I'm so excited about the progress we made over the weekend! It's not quite finished but take a look at the rock and stepping stones in my raised-bed garden:

Dave's brother was in town for a visit so yesterday we took advantage of his truck and hauled two yards of rock (even though Dave's brother doesn't read my blog, thanks D!). Then we bought some concrete stepping stones, grey landscape fabric, and plastic pegs to hold down the fabric. This evening, Dave and I got to work. First, we put the landscape fabric down with these handy little plastic pegs that are made out of corn material:

The grey fabric is pretty nice. It's a bit more heavy duty compared to the regular black stuff. Hopefully it will keep the weeds at bay. We ended up running out (of course a 60 foot roll wasn't enough!) so we will have to finish another day. Where there was fabric, Dave put the stepping stones in place with a little sand (to help level them) and then spread the rock around in some areas. I like the pebbly surface of the stepping stones:

It's not even finished but I think it already looks so good! So much better that the weed-covered dirt. I'll be sure to show you what it looks like when we do finish this pretty epic little project!


  1. It's lookin' good Kelly!!! Can't wait to see the finished project ;)

  2. Thanks Amy! We worked on it some more this evening and have just a bit more to do!