Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ahhhh...I love my new stuff

I just have to show you some pics of the magnificent things I bought on our weekend road trip to IKEA...I mean Edmonton. And yes, we went to Olive Garden too! Shopping and eating really sums up our weekend. I do miss that lovely big city...we always go to Whyte Avenue so I can see my old apartment building and a quick glimpse of the university...and to hit up Funky Pickle Pizza which we got to do this trip and it was so so delicious!

I took some close-up pics to show off the texture of my new beauties. First off, I bought something that I couldn't possibly be more in love with. It's a rug. A rug that is rocking my world with its super softness and awesome shagginess...and the colour:

Navy blue. I don't feel that this pic fully shows off the stunning dark navy colour that it is, but its the best I could do! For some reason I feel the colour makes this rug super luxe even though it cost extremely little (they were clearing out this colour, lucky for me!). It's dark but has a sheen to it. It's pretty I tell you. Now the only problem is I have a big area rug for a room that is carpeted. What are the chances that there is hardwood flooring under the beige carpet in a house that's only 4 years old? I'd have to go with slim to none. Okay, none!

My future living room will be all done in white, grey, silver/chrome, a couple hits of wood, and some of this deep navy blue. Mmmmm. Eventually I'll be able to say bye bye espresso (well, bye bye to the basement anyway).

We bought the IKEA Stockholm tv bench and here's a glimpse (I posted about it here if you want to see a full pic):

I'm also loving this! Dave wasn't quite sold on the colour initially but he liked the shelves and drawers and thought it would work well for our layout plan. I personally love the colour and love the wood grain. It was pricier since its from IKEA's higher end line but overall still pretty reasonable. I feel that it has a mid-century vibe which I very much dig. The mount to hang our tv on the wall above the stand has been ordered and is on its way!

Then there's the IKEA Stockholm easy chair. We bought one in white and it is fantastic. I already posted about it here and here so here's a close-up pic of the texture of the fabric:

Pretty great! It's very comfy and I can't wait to sew a throw pillow for it. I am on the hunt for some epic fabric. So you know, my goal is to use the word epic (in some variation) in every post this month. I'm two for two.

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