Friday, July 29, 2011

Cool personalized art

This might not be absolutely everyone's thing, but I love this personalized art I found on Etsy. These are all from the shop called Name Your Wish Images and I think they are pretty clever! How cute are these 'engraved' Peas in a Pod:

You can get 2 to 6 cute for a couple or a whole family!

And this 'carved' Summer Love Tree is amazing:

I love this so much because my family has everyone's names carved into trees just like this at my parents' farm. I guess I'm on two with my brother...and then one with Dave with our wedding date that Dave carved himself! I love looking at the trees...there are some carvings that my mom and her brothers did when they were young. Anyways, this would be great for a wedding gift since you can get a couple's names with a wedding date...or this is a pretty extraordinary family tree...pun intended!

And this Sweet Family pic is super sweet:

Cute stuff!

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