Sunday, August 7, 2011

Go for a picnic

It was our anniversary the other day and Dave had the great idea of going for a picnic. After work, we stopped by the grocery store and bought a baguette, cheese, fruit, cheesecake and some other yummy things. We do own a picnic backpack (which we've actually only used once) but we just threw everything into a big blue cooler and headed to a park.

Oh my, it was fabulous! Nothing fancy but we had such a nice time. We brought two blankets and laid them out over the grass, plopped down our cooler, and sprawled out while we ate, talked, and enjoyed the scenery. My friends, you need to go for a picnic. Seriously. So relaxing! I think it's good for the soul.

I think what is key to a successful picnic is a big blanket. We used two smaller fleece-type blankets which worked very nicely. I loved being able to spread out our food, move around and lay down without ever touching the grass. Not that there's anything wrong with grass but blankets are much cozier!

So before summer is over, grab a big blanket (or two!) and some yummy food and go have a picnic in a pretty, scenic place. I don't see how it could possibly suck. I don't think anyone has ever had a picnic and then thought to themselves 'well, that sucked'. Ever!

Something else that certainly didn't suck was my present! Sorry to be a bragger but my husband is the best husband I could ask for (and not only because he buys me very nice things!). He did buy me a very nice thing that came in a pretty blue box which I posted about here. And thanks to our friend Steph for picking it up at Tiffany & Co. while she was in NY. Sneaky! I was very surprised and may or may not have jumped up and down and screamed just a little.

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  1. Oh how sweet. I love picnics. Add a great beau, and I call that the best day ever ;)