Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Garden '11: Hail damage

Dave told me I should name this post 'Kelly doesn't love hail'. I really don't love hail! We had a rain/hail storm last evening and it sure destroyed my garden. Insert sad face here. I took a few pics to show you the holes that are now in my once-perfect plants. I really hope they are big enough and strong enough that they are able to survive and still produce veggies!

My corn really took a beating and many of the leaves look like they were shredded:

My pretty yellow and green pole bean plant leaves have rips everywhere:

The zucchini looks pretty similar:

And my poor bush tomato plant looks pretty rough in some areas but this is the worst part:

Pretty much everything has rips and tears. The potatoes and carrots were probably the most unscathed...I thought the carrots would have been completely flattened but they're looking okay.

My poor garden. I'm going to be very optimistic that they will rebound...and maybe go and talk to each and every plant in case that actually helps!


  1. Oh my goodness! That is so sad! I didn't even know it hailed in the city! didn't even rain here at my place! Your poor garden...though it's a hearty garden, I'm confident it will all bounce back!

  2. I hope so! It was a lot of hail and they were huge. I was worried about my garden when it was storming but didn't actually expect so much damage. Boo!