Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Garden '11: Growing nicely

Well, we've been eating delicious veggies from the growing garden. Dave made this salad the other night with lettuce, snap peas, and tomatoes all from the garden:

I've only eaten one little tomato this season and I still don't like them! But Dave thinks they are amazing and he's been eating tons. Anyways, look how big everything is in my garden:

The only thing that really didn't grow was the sweet peas (oh...and the edamame!), which makes me a bit sad since I love them so but I'll try again next year and I may even try starting them inside and then transplanting. The cucumbers seem a bit slow but they're growing. I'm so happy that the corn is doing so nicely:

I can't wait to see if I'll be eating corn on the cob by the end of summer! I tried romaine lettuce last year and it didn't do well but this year it's looking good:

And I did the carrots in rows rather than scattered like I did last year and I think they're coming up better:

It's amazing to go out there and see so much change all the time. I've only weeded a few times and other than an occasional watering it's surprisingly low maintenance!

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