Monday, July 4, 2011

My growing garden

I hope everyone had a fantastic Canada day weekend. I sure did! I got home yesterday and was so happy to see that my garden was still growing and not completely keeled over from the hot sun. I think it's doing pretty nicely. See for yourself:

You can also see more of the pretty rock. We have yet to completely finish this project. You can't see it here but we need to get some lawn edging for where the lawn ends and the rock starts. Hopefully we'll get that done sometime this week.

Anyways, here's an updated layout if you're curious about what is planted where (It's not perfect...I don't have the herbs listed in here):

I got a rhubarb plant and planted it in the corner of the back bed and I'm happy to see a bunch of new leaves popping up as it looked awfully sad a few days ago!

And here's some more pics...just because! A shot of the yellow bush beans and corn (with swiss chard growing in front of the corn):

And here's a pic of the peas:

Oh my, I can't wait to eat peas from these pretty little plants! And just one more yellow and green pole beans that are growing up the bamboo teepee:

It's so extraordinary to see how quickly the vines grow up the teepee and how they wrap around the bamboo like that. Amazing!

I'm sad to report that there hasn't been any edamame popping up. I was really hoping it would grow so I haven't replanted but I think I'll plant some lettuce or spinach there instead. Oh well, I tried! Oh, and some good news, Dave has ate about seven (or more) of the tumbler tomatoes...and there are so many more on the way!

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