Thursday, July 7, 2011

"New" chair

Last weekend my grandma and I reupholstered my $35 chair I bought at the flea market (a long time ago!). Here's what it looks like now:

It looks sort of grey from far away but it's a neat black and white pattern. Here's a close up of the fabric:

It's soft and pretty cozy to sit on! A vast improvement from the super scratchy and super unattractive fabric that was previously on the chair:

This is a pic from October 2010 when I started taking off the fabric. Yikes...I am not exactly speedy with some of my projects, am I?

Once I took off the fabric, I sanded the legs a bit and then spray painted them black:

The chair got a new back and some layers of cotton batting for a little more squishyness:

There's my fancy staple gun. That bad boy sure fired a lot of staples! I pity the person who ever ends up with this chair one day and decides they want to reupholster it...I may have used a few more staples than necessary! We also used tacking strip on the chair back that caused my grandma and I a lot of physical and mental anguish...okay, I'm exaggerating...but it wasn't very easy!

I don't have any pics of putting the fabric on since my camera battery was dead (and I didn't take my charger stuff) but here's another shot of the finished chair for your viewing pleasure:

It's home will be in my office/the spare room. Thanks grandma for spending 4 hours working on this chair with me! We now understand why it costs so much to have things professionally reupholstered...they work hard for their money!

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