Monday, August 15, 2011

Winnipeg shopping and IKEA

I did a bit of shopping during my recent trip to Winnipeg and wanted to tell you about the shops I checked out while I was there. Amy, of the blog aDESIGNdock, gave me some tips on stores to check out.

First of all, my friends, I have been on the hunt for a new coffee table. And not just any coffee table - I was thinking white Carrara marble top with chrome legs. What I've discovered is that these are not easy to find. And I wanted it to be very white with only slight grey veining, very much like this beauty from STYLEGARAGE:

It's official, I am quite picky. Besides wanting perfection in nature, I discovered that these certainly do not come cheap and are not everywhere, that's for sure. I thought I'd search in Winnipeg and I did buy a coffee table while there, but it didn't end up being marble!

First up, I visited the shop 'These Four Walls', one of Amy's recommendations. Oh my, it was full of beautiful things. It reminded me very much of one of my favourite stores in Saskatoon called 'Sew & Home'. Lots of big-ticket furniture items and some very nice accessories to boot. A few marble/stone beauties but not exactly what I wanted. I almost bought a clock from there but all they had left was the store model (no thanks to imperfections). A really lovely store I would certainly visit again!

Dave's cousin told me about 'In Decor' which was only a block or so from 'Interior Touches', which was another of Amy's recommendations. Dave's cousin had been in 'In Decor' before and knew they carried Umbra products (which I tend to like) so thought it would be worth a stop. I took a pic of the storefront:

It is a very nice shop full of home accessories. They have a few chairs and bigger items as well. I fell for a lamp and the lovely staff let me take a pic (which is on Dave's phone and he is currently playing ball!) and measured it for me. Unfortunately, it was a table lamp and I'm feeling the space needs a floor lamp, so it wasn't meant to be. I will be back to that little shop soon for another browse though!

Next up, I checked out 'Interior Touches':

This store is mainly big items that have big pricetags, but I fell for a little white marble end table that had a white base. Very sweet and perhaps would have filled my sudden need for marble but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. This place offers design consultations as well, which sounded really quite reasonable. I saw a few other really nice items like a red fabric bench with steel legs, a giant red glossy planter, and a huge mirror (which I would like in a substantially smaller scale!).

We also impulsively stopped at 'EQ3', which is right by Polo Park Mall, and that is where we bought a coffee table! It's not marble but glossy white...and it has shiny chrome legs (it's called the MOSCO storage cocktail table). We spotted it and thought it would be perfect. We sat on the couch, tested out our feet on it (yep, we are feet-on-the-coffee-table people), and had a quick discussion about the functionality of having a drawer and a place to shove the laptop and assorted books, etc. We were in and out in 20 minutes and hooray, we have a new coffee table (well, we will once we pick it up in a couple weeks).

I'm really happy with our choice and excited to get it. I think we need storage and you can't really get that with marble (that I'm aware of). I promise to show you a pic of our glossy, shiny new table once it comes home! And I'll keep you posted on my visits to more Winnipeg shops (so many left to still see!).

p.s. The IKEA catalogue is out today!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!! Also, we drove past the future location of the IKEA store in Winnipeg and I must say I was pretty excited just to see the sign stuck in the dirt!

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