Saturday, August 20, 2011

Antique photo

This is a photo that belonged to my Great Grandma that I found while I was going through some of my stuff about a month ago:

I've had it sitting on my desk and I find myself frequently staring at it wondering who it is and the story behind it. I'm pretty sure my Great Grandma had it hanging in her room, with just a dressmaker's pin, with some other pictures above her dresser.

It has a name on the back with the year 1925 but I have no idea who this person could be:

The scribbled out part appears to be my Great Grandma's name and address. So could someone have sent this to her, like a postcard, or did that get written on it sometime after? Such a mystery.

I wish I remembered if my Great Grandma had told me anything about it when she gave it to me. I keep thinking she might have told me who sent it to her, like a cousin or friend, but I really don't know for sure and think it might all just be in my head.

I need to put it in a frame to keep it protected because I just want to keep picking it up and examining it. It's 5 and a half by 8 inches so I might have to get a custom frame or something. I'm very lucky to have all of the things my Great Grandma gave me and I'd like to have more of them out on display where I can admire them. It really is sort of ridiculous that some of the things I treasure most, that are truly priceless to me, are in totes where I can't even see them.

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