Monday, September 5, 2011

Coffee table

I took some pictures of our new coffee table today. I finally thought of it while there was still daylight so you can see all the bright and glossy goodness! We bought it at EQ3 in Winnipeg and it's called the MOSCO storage occasional table (sorry, I call them coffee tables). Here's a pic:

This pic is sort of an odd angle but I wanted to show you how the table is solid in the front and back and open on the sides. My laptop fits in the side shelf so nicely! Dave will likely use the other side for comics/graphic novels/the current book he is reading.

Here's the view from the couch:

There's a drawer for storing more stuff! We have the tv/cable remote in there as well as PS3 controllers and other stuff. I love having this kind of stuff hidden away but easily accessible. This would have been tricky with my original plan for a marble coffee table.

So it's pretty bright and glossy, right? I'm loving the white colour. It really brightens up the living room. And the chrome legs that form rectangles on either side are quite fantastic and really tie in nicely with my chrome/glass end tables. Matchy but not too matchy-matchy.

Now to ditch the dark chocolate brown leather couch and chair (to the basement) and get my light grey couch and charcoal grey chair. I'm being patient because I know I can't have everything all at once but I seriously can't wait to place my IKEA order!

I also want to show you the white lacquer/wood tray I bought at Indigo. My intention was to put it on the coffee table but I feel it takes up too much valuable foot room (I can't not put my feet up!). So for now, it has found a home on one of the end tables:

See, I do have some things that are not from IKEA (but yes, the plant pot, silver candle holder and coasters are from there)!

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