Saturday, September 3, 2011

More Winnipeg shopping

While in Winnipeg last weekend, I went on a 3-hour shopping date with my fabulous friend NJM. This girl loves home decor just like me! She navigated us around the city so well and we were able to go to 4 stores and picked up some lunch before heading back to her place. Super efficient and super fun! Our first stop was Design Manitoba:

I guess the window signs explain what this store has! Lots of nice furniture but we were even more impressed with the light fixtures. NJM was inspired by some cool art (which she absolutely has to make a variation of since she's an incredible artist!). I saw a cool rag rug and I'm thinking I may need a shaggy rag rug in my house some day soon. I envision a multi-coloured extravaganza of a rug! Does anyone think I could actually sew one of these myself? I may have to do some research.

Anyways, next we headed to Kesay:

I must say I really enjoyed browsing the contemporary section of this shop...the traditional stuff isn't really my thing. We both liked several things here, particularly some pretty sweet chairs. I may have to visit this shop again!

Then we headed to For Space Sake:

This shop has so many great things for organizing your home plus some decor items. I bought a small Umbra garbage can for crazy cheap and a new clock for the kitchen:

It's by Karlsson. I dig it!

We also went to Indigo (yep, the book store) where I got a fantastic white lacquer tray with a wooden interior. NJM got some great white frames and some fantastic owl bookends, that are awesome as just statues:

Yay owls...NJM was inspired by my love for owl figurines for sure!

I look forward to my next trip to Winnipeg and another shopping date with NJM. I have many more decor shops still to see in Winnipeg...4 more on Amy's list (of the blog aDESIGNdock), and I'm sure NJM will show me some others too. And let's not forget there's a teeny little store by the name of IKEA opening there soon!!! Woohoo!

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