Monday, November 21, 2011

We got a Cubebot

Remember when I posted about how fun it would be to have a Cubebot? Well, thanks to Indigo we have one that is certainly upping the fun factor in our living room:

This is his "Hi, I'm awesome" pose...or as Dave thinks, it's the "I'm tough" pose. Either way, our little Mr. Roboto is fun to play with. I have yet to master how to fold him up into a cube but I will one day...maybe.

For now, Mr. Roboto is hanging out on the end table. And if you're incredibly observant, you may have noticed a new lamp behind Mr. Roboto. Woohoo, we got a new lamp on Saturday! It adds some much needed light to the living room.

We are still living in slight chaos in our living room as we are still without our sofa cover and the chair we ordered from IKEA. Ack! IKEA is very lucky that I love them very much. So once that all comes in and everything else comes together, I will be excited to show you some pics...hopefully sooner than later!

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