Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We have a couch

I've been too busy to show you but we actually have a functioning living room again. The couch cover from IKEA arrived last Wednesday...2 months after we placed our order online. Ack! What an ordeal. We got the actual couch in a pretty timely manner but it took 40 days after the couch was delivered for the cover to get here. Without a cover, you can't exactly use the couch (you don't build it until you put the cover on the individual pieces).

Perhaps this is reasonable to some but we have chalked it up as a frustrating experience and there's a very slim chance that we'll be ordering online through the IKEA website again. Even their customer service rep said it's a better idea to order directly from your most local store. That would have been good to know. We usually drive 5 hours, load up the car, drive another 5 hours back and are as happy as peaches. However, my car doesn't fit a couch. Next time (if Dave allows it...he was not a happy camper I tell you!), we will have to place our delivery order at our 'local' store.

So even though our ordering experience was less than ideal, I really do love my new couch:

It's the Karlstad with the Isunda gray cover which I have dreamed about, talked about, longed for, waited for, etc. for a very long time. It's very comfortable, I love the fabric (colour and texture), and I really am happy to finally be sitting on it!

I will have to get different legs for it as I'm not a fan of the ones it comes with. And since we are playing what's wrong with the stuff in the picture above:
1) Take a look at this rug on rug situation. Not good, I know.
2) Check out the brown too-short curtains (which are gone now and replaced with beauties I will show you later...promise)
3) Beige paint with a grey couch? Not a big fan I tell you.
4) You can't have one pillow...maybe you can, but I can't. This will not last.

Oh, and one other thing that is just plain right...that sweet looking art. It's a moviebarcode print that we ordered (I posted about this cool art back in April). We got it framed at Michael's and we're digging it in a big way. What movie is it? An epic masterpiece from 1978 of course. Okay, it's Superman. I love my husband. And the colours.

I'll post more pics of the living room another time. It's still a work in progress but we're getting there!


  1. Yeahhhh for the couch finally arriving. And Kelly sometimes
    I think your just to hard on the beige/tan wall.
    Cause I think it does work together... But a white wall would be ideal hey!

  2. Haha NJM! White walls would be awesome!