Friday, December 30, 2011

My sewing basket

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I did! And I have a few more days before heading back to work. Woohoo! I'm actually still in my pajamas and it's already 4 in the afternoon! However, I've been busy. I just finished organizing my 'new' sewing basket (i.e. box). It belonged to my great-grandma and I couldn't be happier to have it. It really beats the green plastic rubbermaid box I previously had my sewing stuff in! Take a look:

It was pretty I vacuumed it. I wasn't sure how else to clean it! I used a nozzle attachment and it actually worked very well.

All of my sewing stuff (minus my sewing machine and fabric of course!) fits wonderfully:

I love the red satin lining! On the top's inside area, I stuck some needles in the cushion part and was also able to tuck in some pretty vintage buttons and other things.

The rest of my sewing stuff is decidedly less vintage! No pretty wooden spools of thread. However, I do have some pretty sweet containers for organizing pins and stuff:

They're tricky to see but there's a tic tac container for needles and a sucrets container for pins...I've used these since home economics in school. They'll be vintage one day soon I suppose! I had even scratched my name in the sucrets container with a pin. Make no mistake friends...those are my pins.

Thanks for the treasure mom!

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