Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The cow has arrived

My last post was about the Swedish poster I ordered for the kitchen...and now it's here (excuse the poor lighting in this pic and the fact that my beautiful new artwork is just leaning against the wall in the upstairs landing):

So it's here...all the way from Sweden. Well, actually, it arrived from California! I ordered it from Huset, a website I stumbled upon in my neverending quest for all things fantastically Swedish. I think my pretty poster looks quite snappy in its silver IKEA frame (it's a RIBBA of course). It's the first one I have filled for my wall of silver frames that will cover my kitchen/dining room wall. I'm scoping out other art and can't wait for some serious colour to be added to my kitchen. I'm tired of blah!

Now how could I order just one thing from a site like Huset? I mean once you're ordering one thing online from a shop, you may as well order more from there, right? That's how I like to roll I guess. I fell in love with this tea towel...okay, I fell in love with several tea towels (I really love tea towels for some reason!)...but this is the one that made it into my basket:

No, I couldn't wait to wash it and I certainly wasn't going to iron it just for the pic. Look past the wrinkles and check out those crazy adorable apples. Ack! To me, it's just so very Swedish looking, sort of retro, and a whole lot of cute. All right, I'll go take it down and put it in the laundry now.


  1. OH hey look at that yellow kettle! I love the splash of colour your adding to your kitchen, very fun!