Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cow for the kitchen

Yay! I've been longing for this print ever since I came across it on a blog (which one I do not recall since it was probably about two years ago). It's a fun Swedish poster for my kitchen/dining room:

Yep, that says milk! According to the shop's website, this is essentially a classic work of art: "Artist, art teacher and actor Mikael Reuter painted Mjölk (milk) for the exhibition Sweden Pop Art which featured Swedish interpretations of Andy Warhol’s famous soup can and portraits of stars. This graphic poster is a classic Swedish pop art poster." Yep, a classic. And it will be mine for the mere price of $30 USD (plus shipping etc etc...which I don't really count, even though I should...I'm aware).

Anywho, this is the starting point for my soon-to-be art gallery wall in the kitchen. The requirements are that the art must not be boring or stuffy, it must make you feel happy, it must contain red, yellow, green, or blue, and it must fit into the already purchased frames from IKEA. A frame was actually purchased knowing that this poster was to be included...without a doubt.

So this happy cow will lovingly watch me drink my skim milk. Sorry cow, I can't do 'chunky' milk as I like to call 2% milk...and don't get me started about that really thick stuff. It's 'blue' milk, as my family calls it, for me.