Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New chairs

During our recent trip to Edmonton, we bought new dining room chairs. They're white and I dig them in a big way:

They're called Erland chairs (from IKEA...of course). They really lighten up the dining room area overall and I like the contrast of the white chairs with our black-brown table (it's a Bjursta from IKEA if you're wondering).

The chairs are a molded plastic and have bit of flex to the them so you can rock back a little. They're sort of matte on the front side and glossier on the back. I also like their sexy curve, which you can see in this pic:

Oh yeah! You may not have noticed, but I switched out the curtains as well. They're the curtains that were in the spare room. And yep, they're from IKEA too (they're Hedda Blad). Not everything in my house is from IKEA, but a whole lot is!


  1. Sweet chairs, they remind me of ours... and I do like the contrast they create.

  2. Ah! So nice! Just as I was getting bored of my routine internetting in the middle of the night, I rediscovered your blog! Thanks Kelly!

  3. Thanks NJM! They are similar but definitely shorter and fatter than your chairs.

    Hey Kim! I'm glad you remembered my little blog. Hopefully I'll have something new for you to read the next time you come visit while you're up at 3 am!