Wednesday, March 14, 2012

200th post: A Kate watch!

Holy 200th post Batman! Thanks to all who read my little blog! So by now I think that you get that I love stuff. I have mentioned my love for all things Kate Spade and I was so excited to learn that Nordstrom carries their watches! I am still on the hunt for a watch and oh I think a kate spade new york 'gramercy grand' watch would be quite lovely:

I love the menswear feel and the big round face...but most of all I love the little shot of pink on the spade and the second hand. It's a nice spin on a very classic style. Classic yet hip in my opinion.


  1. CONGRATS on the 200th post that is HUGE!!! Well done my friend... love the touch of pink on this watch... you know what else I love... watching the stuff that you love... it's a strange way of shopping but perhaps the way of the future... all about recommendations... have you seen The Trueman Show... ok it's late enough with these strange thoughts... CONGRATS again!

    1. Haha! Oh NJM, you are so cute! Thank you for checking my little blog and leaving all the comments that you do!