Monday, April 30, 2012

A bunch of stuff

So I have a few things to show you since I've been too lazy to take pictures...again. Today we got some new sofa legs in the mail that we ordered from Uncle Bob's Workshop. I like them much more than the clunky ones that came with the Karlstad. I think these sofa legs are a little sleeker and sexier:
Here's a closer view:
They're oak with a medium brown stain. It's a bit darker than the other oak in the room but that's probably a good thing...don't want to get too matchy matchy!

We were away this weekend and I picked up a new pillow for our
Bowring, of all places:
It's black felt and I like the texture of it. I like the drastic contrast of black on our white bedding. I haven't shown you the white bedding yet, so here's a look:
I bought it at Homesense when I was shopping with my Grandma a while ago. I think it's an awfully pretty duvet cover. I can't decide whether to lose the shams or not. When I bought the new black pillow, I was thinking I would just use that alone but now I think maybe the white pillows add a little something. Who knows? We are terrible at making the bed so most days it'll likely just be a messy duvet on the bed with pillows strewn on the floor.

I also need to show you my cute kitchen owl timer that a beautiful friend sent my way forever ago:

It sits by my stove...waiting for me to cook something! As do the utensils. It's adorable...Thanks NJM!

And lastly, take a look at the plants growing in my dining room:

They're pumpkin plants!!! The tiny things in the background are flowers...which may or may not make it! We'll see how this new adventure shapes up!


  1. 1. I agree the new feet are sexy... Can't remember the old old... But your living room is looking all grown up! Love it!!

    2. I love the pillow... If you came across a lime green one like it, hook me up!!

    3. Who are you little colourful dude... Love how the owl has a smilly friend up above... The tools are always there calling you in... So cute!

    1. Thanks NJM. And I'll keep my eyes open for a lime green pillow!

  2. Lastly 4. A pumpkin plant... How big will that plant get?
    You always inspire me to garden too thanks for that.
    Lots of love.

    1. I think pumpkin plants get pretty huge but you can sort of trail them where you want. I have 4 plants growing but definitely can't have all of them...I'll have to give a couple of them to someone else to plant.

      I'm going to put 2 plants in one of the raised beds but nothing else since they need room. I guess we'll see how it goes!

  3. Found you searching for some reviews on Uncle Bob's! Seeing your legs affirmed I want some for our Karl :)

  4. Oh PS. Are yours the Furniture Legs, 5-1/2", Round, Full Taper? Thanks!

    1. Hi Alli! Sorry I never replied until now! I believe that's what they are. We're super happy with them, that's for sure. A pretty cheap upgrade for the Karlstad.