Tuesday, May 15, 2012

For the patio

Well, we don't have our patio finished yet but I'm already dreaming about getting some new chairs for lounging on it when it is done. These 'Somerset Sunbed' chairs from Urban Barn look so fantastic, I just had to share:
I would like to know if they are as comfortable as they are nice to look at! I may have to go for a little drive to check these out in person. 

We have a patio set already (which consists of 4 chairs, a small square table, and an umbrella) but I think we would actually use these lounging chairs. I'd rather lounge than just sit! And who needs a table really? A little side table to hold your drink is all you need. Oh, and a magazine in my hands as I lounge with my ice cold drink by my side. And of course, Dave beside me in the next chair. Awww. I'm completely sold on the idea!


  1. That is totally my thinking for our back deck as well. I'm not a big fan of eating outside but chillin' I sure am. I image holding an ice coffee taking in a few rays... Should we make that a summer date?! Yes Let's!!

  2. Well we didn't get these ones since the ones at the store were all scratched up...no thanks! I'm happy with the ones we got and I'll have to show a pic once we make some progress on our patio area. One day, we will have to have some ice cold drinks on my new patio!