Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stuff I'd like in my kitchen

I discovered this storage tin and I can seriously picture it sitting on my counter bringing a little cheer to my kitchen:
I can't decide whether I like it better in red or white. Both = awesome.

I've had this recipe box bookmarked forever. It's so pretty. I love the floral painting on the top and the beautiful, beautiful wood box:
It sure beats the boring, black plastic recipe box I have. This recipe box would have to sit on my counter so I could see it everyday!

And how about another thing for my counter? Man, I just love this little ceramic fruit basket:
Cute. Just so darn cute!

And because I like a well-rounded kitchen...and I have a slight obsession with tea towels, here's a blue beauty:
Also awfully cute, right? I love me a fine tea towel!

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