Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas wish list

1. The Things That Matter by Nate Berkus ( - I've heard good things about this interior design book. But such a broody looking Nate on the cover!
2. Surya tobias black throw blanket ( - This textured black throw would be pretty at the end of our bed. I've been on the search for one and they are surprisingly tricky to find.
3. Red birds print by Judy Kaufmann ( - I've had my eye on this print for so long. It's perfect and would look fabulous in my kitchen...but where to put it?!?
4. Case study cylinder plant pot with stand ( - I love this pot/stand combo. This would be so awesome in our living room.
5. MELLBY armchair in Dansbo dark gray ( - I dig this chair and think it would be pretty sweet in our living room. We tried it out when we were at the Edmonton IKEA a couple weeks ago and it's comfy. 
6. Woven felt basket in large ( - I've had a bit of an obsession with felt baskets lately. I wanted one for my throw blankets in the living room but ended up settling for a gray plastic basket from's okay, but settling doesn't equal loving.

1. Heart locket pendant ( - I would love love love this large heart locket on a long chain (24 or 30 inches). I've never seen a locket so can't even see the hinge. And it's Tiffany blue inside. Swoon!
2. Your name here silk bracelet ( - I just think these are cool. You can get your name spelled in morse code! Of course I would choose sterling silver and a black silk cord to match all of my other jewelry.
3. Cozy long fleece robe in spring orchid ( - I have a summery robe but not a big, warm one. I saw this at VS when we were at the West Ed Mall and it was heavenly.
4. Cotton mayfair pajama in pink/white stripe ( - So classic pajama-y. I have other pj's from VS that are awesome so my guess is these would be also.
5. Single legacy tassel key ring ( - Ideally, I'd like one from Hermes, but since they're a cool $260 I'd be happy with one of these for $38.
6. Sherpa-lined sweater boots in coconut milk ( - Oh, I love a good slipper boot! My feet are pretty much always cold and these are ever so cozy.

Now that's what I call a WISH list!


  1. Great wish Christmas list Kelly all I can say is it looks like Santa (Dave) will have to swing by Winnipeg to do his shopping as we have a Victoria Secret now, and of course Ikea opens in 2 weeks!