Monday, November 19, 2012

Garland love

I seriously need to get my craft on. I have had the following websites bookmarked forever because I love all of these garlands...and I need to make all of them! Is it strange to have almost every room draped in garland? When they're this pretty, I'd have to say no. Or maybe just for special occasions. We'll see.

Anyways, up first is this flowery goodness:
This one requires cutting out little circles from fabric and stitching them together in perfect little flower puffs. I like them. How about all shades of one colour? Yes please! 

This one is also flowery and ever so sweet:
You cut these out of paper from the provided templates. I need a big empty wall where I can have strings of flowers cascading from a tree branch!

Too much? Well, how about these simple felt circles?:
Yep, I would string this circle garland above my kitchen table just like this. Fun stuff. I've actually made a paper mobile inspired by this (with the beautiful NJM!), which turned out really great. But I'd still like to do this felt garland. Someday!

Lastly, a little geometric goodness:
This one requires cutting, folding and gluing. Sounds tricky but look at those uber cool shapes! I've already requested that Dave help me with this one. I'm not sure I could do this one solo! Pretty math-y, but I love the effect.

I will have to add making these garlands to my to-do list!

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