Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I love Saturday

Hooray...Kate Spade Saturday is here! Well, not exactly here here, but in the wonderful world of the interwebs at least. It's Kate Spade's new line. It's a lot more casual and a whole lot less pricey! And still very fun and super fire awesome! I will be checking it out regularly for home stuff, clothes and shoes! 

There's so much yellow, black and white. Kate Spade is all about colour and pattern so that's no surprise! I'm loving their signature black and white zig zag, like on these excellent mugs:

Since I'm a valued Kate Spade customer, I received an email saying they will be shipping to Canada in a few short weeks. Sweet! To be perfectly honest, it was actually Dave that got the email since I make him pay for things!

I love you Kate Spade and now I love you too Kate Spade Saturday! I look forward to your neverending fantasticness.

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