Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Art on a ledge

My kitchen/dining room art has arrived and it's framed! Finally! Each piece came in the mail one at a time and I got them all framed one at a time. I had them done at Michael's and they did a fantastic job. And the 'M' is a vintage 50's marquee letter that I ordered from Etsy. I had bought a RIBBA ledge (actually two) at Ikea in February in anticipation.

So here's what it's vaguely going to look like...try to imagine it hanging on the wall, not sitting on the floor:
So??? Does it look good? I need the truth! I love each piece but once I saw how big the biggest piece was, I wondered if it's too grand for a picture ledge. I set it out on the floor roughly how I'd arrange it on the wall to see if I like it before putting the five holes in the wall that it'll take to hang the ledge. Since the London print and the tree print are fairly big pieces, the plan is to attach the tops of the frames to the wall using 3M velcro picture hangers (which are the bomb, by the way). Then I don't have to worry about them falling off.

Just so you can see how cool the London art is, here's a close-up:
I seriously love looking at it! And here are the others:
Also awesome, in my opinion. If you think the whole idea of this on the picture ledge is completely uncool, I need to know! I really love a grouping/gallery for art and I really dig picture ledges, but does that make it good? 

Please tell me your thoughts! Go for it? Rearrange it? Don't do a ledge? I try to put a lot more thought into decorating in hopes that I will be happier with stuff and keep it longer. But now I'm constantly doubting myself. Ack!


  1. LOVE what you've done with it!!! I say hang it up!!

    1. Thank you NJM! That means a lot coming from you because you're so good at this kind of stuff!!! If only you could be here to make sure we hang it at a good height!

  2. Hey Kelly,

    I think your due to write a post about your garden I'm sure it's growing like mad right now! ;-)

  3. Love it!
    Where is the art from? Great pieces!

    1. Thanks! I'll write a post soon with the details...and the art actually up on the wall!