Monday, June 2, 2014

Garden: 2014

Well, the garden is finally in! Here's a pic:
Yes, there are weeds growing in the rocks and there isn't much else for greenery, but it's going to be good I tell you.

The plan was super simple this year:
Nothing crazy. I guess I didn't plant anything new which is a bit lame, but it's going to be fairly low maintenance and (besides the flowers) is full of things we'll actually eat! 

Dave made some new pea fences from plastic trellis and bamboo sticks, which should make picking peas way easier. The last ones were metal and scratchy. And they're actually being used as a temporary fence to keep a certain puppy out of the garden area (and another dirt patch which is to be a patio at some point). And since we're talking about a certain puppy, let's look at a picture:
Aww. How have I not plastered this blog with pictures of our adorable puppy? His name is Murphy and he's now six and a half months old! I'll have to do a Murphy post pretty soon so I can brag about how great he is!


  1. Thanks for posting Kelly, great to hear from you. Great planning in the garden, and I'm excited to see more of Murphy, so cute.

  2. This is great!! It always inspires me to get going on my own garden. So yesterday I bought some seeds for lettuce and radishes. Today I hope to plant them. I look forward to seeing how your garden grow again this year, it's awesome!

    1. That's awesome. Hmm...I should plant some radishes next year. You're inspiring me right back!

  3. SOOOOO how did your garden do this year?!