Friday, October 17, 2014

Living room: The next update

It's safe to say that I like change. My living room isn't too shabby, but I have plans for an update. It'll have to happen bit by bit, but that's okay. My light grey couch and dark grey and white armchairs aren't going anywhere...for now at least! So here's a look into the vision I have:
1. Micah Floor Lamp from EQ3 - This lamp has actually been ordered and is on its way to my house. Can't wait! Love the shade, the cool base, and the hit of black it will bring. I dig it in a big way.
2. Custom Coffee Table in Marble from EQ3 - Um, yes please. I have longed for a marble coffee table for some time. I wish I could say that this is also on its way to my house. Alas, it shall be mine one day!
3. Anchler Media Storage from EQ3 - Now this is a piece of furniture. For now, my old IKEA tv stand works just fine, but this beauty would be a welcome replacement. I really think rooms need wood like this to warm them up. 

Moving on to the walls. Lately, I seem to have a serious obsession with looking for pretty things to hang on my walls. So here are a couple of very pretty things:
4. Expedition Mirror from DwellStudio - Yep, this is pretty gorgeous. I love a round mirror and I think the leather strap hanger is simple enough that it's not too over the top. Seems like a classic piece that won't go out of style. Or maybe it will go out of style before I can afford it!
5. Volcano, Iceland photograph by Bardoux Manuel from L'Affiche Moderne - This is actually a colour photogragh. Mind blown! I am mesmerized and just want to stare at it. I need to order this as soon as possible. And I think I should put a trip to Iceland on my travel list! 

So there you have it. A glimpse into the future of my living room! And of course I have my eye on quite a few accessories that I think will fit with this vision. I really want to go in the direction of white, many shades of grey, black, and wood in pretty much every room of our house. Neutral is something I won't get tired of. At least for a while, right?

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