Friday, January 30, 2015

A year with Murphy

As of yesterday, we have had our dog Murphy for an entire year! It's hard to believe how fast time flies. Dave and I love love love our Murphy and are so happy we get to be his pet parents! We've put together some of our favourite pics of our favourite little guy from the past year. Look at how adorable he was when he was a puppy with all the black tips on his fur:
The first picture was taken the night we brought him home. It's so hard to believe how little he was! He's a Maltese Shih Tzu and everyone who knows dog breeds seems surprised at how big he is now. I didn't really know what to expect, but he's definitely bigger than I imagined him to get. He's obviously still a 'small' dog, but he really looks like such a little peanut in these pictures. Certainly an adorable pup who loved to play. He gnawed away at that cardboard box with his mini puppy teeth. He still loves to chew cardboard (especially paper towel rolls!), except his adult teeth make very short work of it these days!
As he got older, the colours of his fur changed so much...and it seems to still be changing! I love the pictures of him sitting in the containers. He'd certainly be way too big to fit in them now! And that cone...we certainly listened to what we learned from watching the Price Is sure to have your pet spayed or neutered! He was a champ!
He graduated puppy school with a whopping 108% on his final exam. Smarty pants! He really is a smart dog and learns tricks and commands quite long as there are treats involved! You also have to love the Halloween costume Dave picked out for couldn't find a cuter Ewok! And yes, he only wore it for the picture and shook it off immediately after.
These pics are from the last few months. Another graduation picture from his intermediate training class. And his official Christmas portrait, complete with Santa hat. You'd think this dog wears hats and outfits all the time, but these are actually the only ones I think he's ever worn! 

He is certainly not perfectly behaved at all times, is pretty high maintenance since he likes to be by your side almost always, and can straight up be a real stinker (a "stinker binker" as I like to call him), but he is still the perfect dog to have. He sheds, barks, occasionally wrecks things, and costs a lot of money (and yep, we do spoil him with treats and toys!), but I wouldn't trade him for anything. I love just having him around. He's always unbelievably happy to see us even if we just step away for a minute, he brings us toys to play, cuddles beside us on the couch, and completely makes our house more of a home. He makes my heart swell with love! It's hard to believe how wonderful it is to have a pet. I always had pets growing up, but not since, and now I can't imagine life without one. Murphy is one very loved dog! And we think he loves us too!


  1. Great to see all these fun photos of your sweet dog! I'm glad to hear that be brings you joy!
    Love you and miss you all!

  2. Such a sweetie, that little Murphy! I tried to comment on the chair too, but it wouldn't let me. How rude! Miss you!!!