Saturday, January 30, 2010

Black and white pillows

I love black and white stuff. Always have and always will. In our new house, I decided to do the main floor in chocolate brown. It was a big change for me and I really do like it. But I'm finding more and more black stuff finding its way into the second floor rooms. Dave's office has lots of black and the main colour in the upstairs bathroom is black as well. White will be the main colour for the spare bedroom/my office (And green since I bought new green bedding'll see it soon!).

Now that I have the big plan of red bedding in our bedroom, I want to do lots of black and white accents. I'm hoping to find some black and white curtains and throw pillows (all in different fabrics). I'll likely sew my own pillows if I can find some great fabric. Here's a little collage of some fabulous black and white pillows I've come across on the web:

1. Margret Rose from Scandinavian Design Center
2. k Studio Hawaii from Design Public
4. Manhattan from Blissliving Home
5. Juno from Target
6. Madison from Blissliving Home

I love how graphic black and white fabric is! And if you haven't noticed, I love flower prints...I'm actually surprised that some aren't flowery. Dave would be happy to not have flower overkill in our bedroom but I make no promises...I guess we'll see what fabrics I find!

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