Sunday, January 31, 2010

I need a lamp

So Valentine's Day is coming and I'd like to drop a very big hint to my wonderful husband about what I really really want. This lamp from EQ3 for my desk:

From EQ3

Oh I think it would be just perfect for my little desk. It would give off a nice little glow without being too harsh as I sat at my desk surfing the interweb and of course writing little posts for this blog...which by the way is a very enjoyable little hobby! Thanks for reading it!!!

I'm making progress on the furniture for my office/spare bedroom. The desk and bedside table have the first coat of primer on and are on their way to becoming beautiful white furniture. So I really really think this little lamp would be just perfect on my soon-to-be white desk. And Dave, in case you're worried, a lamp is okay for a Valentine's day least with me! If there are any other males reading this you may want to get your special someone something other than a lamp.


  1. Fav post so far!!!! Love love love it...the lamp and the funny post :)

  2. Thanks Steph! I'm glad you like the lamp...and the post!