Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dave's superhero office

This weekend Dave hung up a shelf and his new comic book frames to complete his office. And it looks super (sorry I couldn't resist)! Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.

The first pic is of Dave's favorite Superman statue and a sketch done by artist Tom Grummett (drawn in 10 minutes as Dave watched...pretty cool). The shelf is from IKEA (EKBY JARPEN with EKBY BJARNUM brackets), which we painted black.

The next pic is of what is on the matching shelf that is on the other side of the window. It's a Batman black and white statue (and for now there is a graphic novel collection next to it which Dave eventually wants to replace with another sketch). Can you imagine Dave striking this pose when he first bought this statue?...he did, repeatedly.

Underneath the window is the white pleather sofa bed (that Dave picked out) from Leon's. It's not shown here but the middle section folds down into an arm rest/cup holders, which was the big selling point for Dave. I was happy that we now have another place for guests to sleep...and it's actually very comfy to sit on. The Superman symbol pillow used to be big and odd-shaped so I cut it up and sewed it into a nice little pillow for the sofa or as lumbar support for the desk chair.

Next on our tour is a shot of the Jim Lee Superman and Batman posters. Dave has had these for quite a while now. I really do like them although they could be in better frames...but they will do for now. You may notice that his Superman statue in the first pic is based on this art. Dave would really like to get his hands on the Batman statue as well.

The next picture is the shelf that Dave just hung up above his desk. It's from IKEA (LACK) and it used to be birch-coloured but we painted it black. The boxes contain a hardcover book, a reprint of a comic book and an action figure. Dave got the Batman one from a flea market in Minot and I bought the Superman one for him from his comic book shop. The busts are actually piggy banks.

And lastly, here is a pic of the new comic book frames. They are pretty neat...made of plastic with a black matte and you just slide in the comic books. Dave ordered them online here. He put in some of his favorite titles and will likely switch them up. Although the covers have to meet my criteria of not being too gory or scary! It's his office but come on...me or my visiting nephews don't need nightmares. Who am I kidding, it's just me!

And there you have it. Dave loves his 'room' although it would also have a bazillion movie posters and a whole bunch of other stuff if he could completely have his way. And I'm happy because it is contained to this room...and my new office will look nothing like this!