Monday, January 18, 2010

My art project for my new office

This is what I have been working on the past two evenings...a little butterfly art for my office! I'm very excited because this weekend I decided to move a desk into the spare bedroom and make it my office (and it'll still be the spare bedroom). Not that I don't love our existing office and being surrounded by superheroes from every angle!

I will be painting my little desk white and have decided to have a white frame grouping above my desk. So I went to Michael's and found a white frame...on sale I must add...then I used a butterfly punch and punched them out of different scrapbooking papers and used raised foam double-sided sticker dots to attach them to a piece of paper. Pretty cute I would say! The idea wasn't mine...I came across a pic like this on a blog that I love called Chez Larsson. Not only am I blatantly stealing the butterfly idea I am also completely copying the white frame grouping! Although I'm sure mine will look very different from this in the end.

Image from Chez Larsson

Her butterfly pic is at the top of the picture. I really like the look of asymmetrical grouped frames but have never done it before. Everything else in our house was hung with a laser level so it should be interesting!

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