Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend project: My office (Part 2)

I made a little progress in my office/the spare bedroom today. I added some accessories to my desk and the nightstand. I also spent some time trying to figure out what to put in a few of the frames for my art wall above my could take a while before it all comes together that's for sure! Anyways, here's a pic of the nightstand now:

I moved the orchid from our room. The wooden bowl was a wedding gift from the minister who married us (her husband made it and it's so nice), and my silver bird has finally found a home! On the shelf is a grey box to hold the alarm clock (it's an eyesore and can just come out when we have guests) and a few books. I just used stuff I already had and I think it looks all right for now!

Here's a shot of my desk (minus my laptop):

There's the IKEA lamp I talked about in my last post and I added a little jar my mom gave me that she got in Sweden, the Dala horse was a gift from Dave (he ordered it from Hemslojd), and the artificial daisies are also from Dave (they were attached to the wrapping of a birthday gift he gave me probably 8 years ago - I love bright and cheerful). Oh how I love the clutter makes me happy!

Today I went to a flea market (for 5 hours!) with my friend Alissa followed by some clothes shopping with my friend Steph. What a great day! At the flea market, I got some vintage jewelry (I'll post about that another time!), some coins, a pot scrubber, banana bread, and some frames. What a random bunch of things! The frames are for my art wall. Here's a look at what they look like now (the glass is out in preparation for spray painting):

They're quite small and I really have no idea what I'm going to put in them yet. But for 4 bucks I think they are going to make a very cool addition to my art wall. And yes they may be vintage but I have no guilt about painting them at all! That's tomorrow's project!


  1. Also no guilt about throwing away the "beautiful" cross-stitching that came in those four dollar frames...=)

  2. So true...even though I am a former cross-stitcher, I have no guilt! They were quite unpretty.