Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekend project: My office (Part 1)

Well the time has come for my office/the spare bedroom to start coming together! Tonight Dave brought up the newly painted furniture from the basement. And it doesn't even look too bad! My amateur painting skills aren't as sketchy as I thought they might be. Here's a shot of my little desk:

I love white just looks so fresh! The desk used to be birch (It's the MIKAEL from IKEA). Next step is to accessorize it up! I just had to set my new little lamp on it first! Dave and I went to Edmonton last weekend, and of course we went to IKEA! The lamp is called LYKTA. It was 52 dollars cheaper than the one I wanted from EQ3! Man I love IKEA! It was so busy this weekend but I loved every second! It's absolutely my favorite store.

Here's a shot of the painted nightstand:

I bought it at JYSK and it used to be Espresso-coloured. Dave drilled holes in the bottom and put in the casters from the desk to give it a little more height. And in the pic you're getting a sneak peek of the new bedding...also from IKEA (called JORUN FORM). A duvet cover with two pillowcases on sale for $12.99. What a deal! I LOVE that place!

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