Sunday, March 7, 2010

Organized closet...for now

Today I went through my side of the closet. I got rid of a big black garbage bag full of clothes (that I'll donate). It feels good and looks much better!

My closet was already organized by style of clothing (sweaters, tshirts, etc.) but I even went a step further and divided my sweaters by type - short sleeve, cardigans, thinner cotton ones, thicker wool ones, and big neck styles. Figured this will make things easier for finding something to wear in the morning. I am a bit of a zombie in the morning so this should help.

Next I need to tackle the dressers. But that's for another day! I still have a drawer of capris, skirts, and other summer clothes that are itchin' to come out (I'll switch out the winter sweaters for them in my closet). It's going to happen very soon! It'll be a happy day when my sweater and pants work uniform becomes a t-shirt and capris!!!

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