Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dave loves stuff

As I was writing my post on Saturday, I was actually typing the word "comic" in the sentence about 'if Dave had his way we would have less flowery art, 2 less bird items, and a whole lot more comic book related items' when he walked through the door after a visit to his comic book shop with a new batman statue. Seriously...instant gratification at its finest!!! He wanted me to post a picture of it so you could all see it, so here it is:

I will admit the cape looks very cool (you know, as far as capes on statues go). It is perched on the shelf with his other batman statue in his office. You can only imagine how happy he was to add another statue to his collection.

I'm sure Dave would also like me to tell you that it is from the Superman Batman Public Enemies series (and that he also has the Superman statue). I'm also sure he would like to tell you many other things about his statues...as well as things about current or past comic book storylines...or upcoming movies based on comic books...or almost anything else related to comic books really!

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