Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Me being spoiled continues

So I have birthday money from my parents and my grandma and I've decided to spend it at, a fantastic site that sells beautiful Swedish stuff. My mom mentioned that she was thinking of ordering the birdhouse that I went on and on about a while ago (I posted about it way back in January) but then she decided to just give me money instead. So I'm going to order it! I think I'm going to go with this red one (but this yellow one is also pretty great):

I can't get over the little birdhouse on the birdhouse. Ever so cute! I certainly don't care for the pigeons that I see around our house...but I kind of like the robins...and I do like the little sparrows that occasionally sit on our fence. I may attach a little sign below my birdhouse that says 'little birds only please'...I'm sure that will work.

And I've also decided to order some Christmas decorations. I've wanted this electric candlestick for a long time so I'm going to get it:

Love it. It's very Swedish! And there's one more Christmas decoration I want to get. Dave has a rule for me that I can only buy one new Christmas decoration a year but I'm not sure these should even is my birthday money and all. We'll see how this goes down. I predict that I will buy one more thing to be determined at a later date! Anyways, these little guys are called tomtes and I adore them:

They're very fun! And I think they will look pretty sweet with my other Christmas decorations. I like cutesy!

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