Friday, December 31, 2010

Black and white frames (and a globe)

We accomplished 4 things off of our to do list yesterday (and watched all 3 Back to the Future movies!). One of the super things we accomplished was to hang up 9 picture frames in our bedroom:

They're the NYTTJA frames from IKEA (of course). We used those 3M velcro picture hangers instead of nails. They worked great. Dave basically did it all while I sat on the bed and supervised. Nice work Dave!

We got a bunch of pics from our travels printed in black and white. In case you're curious, here's where they were taken:
Row 1: The Mirage volcano, Las Vegas; Lake Louise, AB; San Juan, Dominican Republic
Row 2: Long Beach on Vancouver Island, BC; Bellagio water fountains, Las Vegas; Moraine Lake, AB
Row 3: San Juan, Dominican Republic; Athabasca Glacier, AB; Paris Hotel, Las Vegas

And if you're wondering why there is one white frame...the answer is why wouldn't there be one white frame?!?! Just adds a little punch.

And by the way, did you notice my awesome new globe? You may remember me posting about how much I like and wanted a globe a while back. Well, Dave's mom reads my blog and had my name for Christmas...and you guessed it, she got it for me. Thanks Jo!

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