Friday, February 18, 2011

Art wall: I need your help

I would really like to start putting some nails in the wall and finally get my white frames hung above my desk but I just can't decide how to hang them. They don't even all have pictures in them so you have to use your imagination a little. Take a look below...then be so kind to tell me your opinion (or tell me if you have any better ideas!)...1, 2, 3, or 4?:


  1. Here's where we're at with votes (since I've gotten some feedback but not on here!):
    Dave - 1 or 2
    Brent - I can't remember! Sorry B.
    Sol - 1 or 3
    Danielle - 2

    I'm still undecided...

  2. Josh and I both vote for #1 - kim

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  4. Hey Kelly,

    I think you should go with #1... however I would switch the bottom left corner circle frame and the square frame... to meet that would help your eyes go back towards the other frames... instead of away from the photo collage and onto the wall... I'm excited to see this up on the wall!! I also think having the larger "women on horse photo" looks great on the side and not in the middle... as it add a lot more interest and helps it to not be static.

  5. My vote is definitely for #1...if you haven't already decided :P
    Sorry for the late vote!

  6. Thanks for the votes Kim, NJM, and Steph! I am still undecided. I really think I need to put pics in all of them before I make a final decision. I really want to get them hung up but I don't want to just hang them and then feel like I need to move them!

  7. Oh and thanks to Danielle and the boys for their votes too!