Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! I hope everyone is feeling the love today! I got Valentine's from two kids today. The one boy gave me a chocolate heart (that he probably had in his pocket) and the other little boy wanted to take back the Tonka truck card he gave me when he was leaving. Sweet nonetheless!

Not to be upstaged by preschoolers, my darling husband bought me 6 beautiful roses. He also ordered me a yellow tea kettle (which I have been searching for what feels like my whole life...seriously). I'm very very delighted and you'll be certain to see a pic of it once it arrives!

I absolutely had to show you some pics of the roses:

Crazy, hey? They are so neat. My 3-year old niece claimed them to be "The most beautiful flowers in the whole world". Every single flower is different:

The one above is a little more pastel but the majority have really bright colours:

Gorgeous! Thank you Dave. How much do I love thee? Even more than Starbucks Hot Chocolate.

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