Saturday, February 12, 2011

My 100 dollar Saturday

So I spent 100 bucks today...$102.77 to be exact. I like to round down! You may be asking "Why Kelly, whatever did you buy for $102.77?" Well...

This morning Alissa and I went to the Flea Market. It was my third time going and I must say we weren't as impressed as we've been before but we both scored some pretty nice things. I spent $61 there including my $4 admission. Of course I bought some fabulous junk jewelry:

So glamorous! All 3 for only 30 bucks. I fell in love with the flower clasp on the 1950's double-strand pearl necklace and had to get it. The earrings have screw-on posts which should be quite interesting to wear. The bracelet is my favourite. It's supposedly from the 1930's and the silver is quite tarnished but it's just super pretty.

I also bought some homemade goodies:

A bag of homemade donuts for $2 and the butter tarts were $3. Yum! I bought the pair of mittens from a lovely lady who told me they are "Newfie" mittens. I've never seen this knit pattern before and it is so cool. She only charged me 10 bucks but I felt like I should have paid her more! I also bought a pot scrubber from another lady for $2. This seems to be a tradition as I've bought one every time I've gone to the Flea Market. They are awesome. She was crocheting some and it looked so intense. I have so much respect for the super-talented crafty people in the world!

I also bought a few more things. Are you ready for this?:

More birds!!! I have been searching for an owl figurine forever and I came home with three of them. Don't worry...I'm planning to spray paint them all white and they will look nice I promise. I also promise to cool it with the bird decor now! Dave isn't the biggest fan of my little owls to say the least but I really dig them. Maybe it's because I was born in the 70's! In case you are wondering about the prices of my big-eyed friends, the big owl was $1 and the little guys were $4 each. I also picked up 2 comics for $1...Superman for Dave and Strawberry Shortcake for my niece.

After 3 hours at the Flea Market, Alissa and I went for lunch at Chianti. I spent 15 bucks on fettucine alfredo, an iced tea, and a tip for the nice server. We then headed to American Apparel where I spent nothing (but Alissa got a great skirt). We couldn't end our shopping day quite yet, so we headed to HomeSense where I bought this stuff:

A silver apple container, a recipe book, and a picture frame for $25.27. I'm not sure exactly why, but I've been obsessing over getting a little wooden apple. So far I have not been able to find a wooden apple but today I found this shiny silver one. It'll either go in my office or maybe the kitchen. I love it's tall stem and little leaf. I also got a vegetarian cookbook...mainly because it's so pretty but I also found some recipes I'm actually going to make. And lastly, yet another white frame for my art wall.

If you've been adding it all up, you may now be saying "Why Kelly, that only adds up to $101.27!" and I would say "Oh, why yes it does my mathematically-gifted friend. I failed to mention the $1.50 I spent on parking downtown." You're welcome for clearing that up.

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