Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Threes: Fruit/bread baskets edition

I really like stuff for the kitchen and I've come across some very cool fruit and bread baskets that I thought I'd share with you. First up are these Farmers Market Baskets from Jayson Home & Garden:

They look like plastic but they're actually made of bone china. My favourite is the middle one because it's like those old school green strawberry baskets. I remember having a collection of them...why, I'm not sure. I probably put rocks in them or something.

Another cool container for fruit is this FUZ Eggflat from Design Public:

It's made of felt and lays flat for storage. Those apples and pears just look so cozy, don't they? If fruit can be cozy, I guess.

This next one is technically a bread basket but I would use it for fruit too. It's called the Wicker Bread Basket by Cecilie Manz on Muuto:

It's simple but a very cool design. It would almost be a shame to put fruit or buns in it because you wouldn't be able to see the bottom!

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