Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thinking of picnics

A huge amount of snow melted away today and there is so much more grass peeking out! Very exciting! It's a mess out there and it's going to be that way for quite some time. However, that also means that we are getting closer to green grass, bright sunshine, and fresh summer air.

Dave and I were watching t.v. tonight and a commercial came on...for pizza I think...and there was a classic red and white patterned picnic blanket that flashed before my eyes. My brain decided that I need to get a good picnic blanket. Maybe advertising doesn't quite work...I have no interest in their pizza but I do want one of the props from the commercial.

I decided to check out Etsy to see what kind of handmade picnic blankets there are out there. This one certainly caught my eye:

I really dig this poppy fabric. Bold is an understatement. It's a very cool blanket that rolls up and has a carrying handle. I think it's pretty smart to have an easy way to carry a picnic blanket around.

I'd really like to sew one of my own but since my sewing machine is broken and I have too many projects that are incomplete at this point, my guess is it's really not going to happen anytime soon. I'll take buying one if that means more time for going on picnics this summer anyway!

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