Sunday, April 3, 2011

Garden plans: An update

Well, I bought all of my garden seeds! Here's a pic of all the pretty little packages:

Here's a list of what the seeds are:
Extra Sweet corn
Danver Half Long carrots
Sugar Anne & Homesteader peas
Soybeans (edamame)
Black zucchini
Muncher cucumbers
Swiss chard - Bright Lights
Yellow beans - Kentucky Wonder Wax (pole beans) and Pencil Pod Black Wax (bush beans)
Green beans - Kentucky Wonder (pole beans)
Buttercrunch lettuce
Baby Star romaine lettuce
Bloomsdale spinach
Sweet peas

Everything else I need I'll buy already started at greenhouses. This will include the annual flowers, tomato plants, and herbs.

Here's the new layout:

Oh I can't wait to plant my garden! I'm trying a couple new varieties of veggies because I refused to buy treated seeds...when a seed package has a warning label with a skull and crossbones, I say no way (supposedly it dissipates in the ground but it just doesn't sit right with me). I want my garden to be as natural as possible.

The nasturtium flowers are new this year too. They're edible flowers although I'm not sure I will be adding them to my salads. I may have to try just one though!